Do you know what are the requirements for medical wiring harness​?

In the high-end medical monitoring equipment, the quality of the medical terminal line is more stringent. As long as the quality meets the requirements, the continuous improvement of the technology can be guaranteed. Do you know what are the requirements for the medical wiring harness?

The high-end medical equipment has a very tight product structure, which requires the accuracy of data transmission, the amount of data is also large, and the requirements for integration are very high. General medical wiring harnesses use the following solutions:

1. The JST1.0 pitch SHD series 50 is selected as the connector, and the external size is within 30MM*5MM*5MM, and the medical wiring harness is gold-plated.

2. The biggest difficulty of the medical wiring harness is that the processing technology is very demanding, and it must achieve high precision and mold guarantee. The crimping terminal adopts a Japanese automatic crimping machine, and the mold is also the original supporting mold.

3. The medical wiring harness design must break the tradition. According to the performance requirements, AWG28# must be selected. However, the conventional AWG28# wire has a large outer diameter. After discussing with the wire manufacturer, it is changed to 0.55 outer diameter.

4. In order to ensure the stability of the transmission signal for the medical wiring harness, the associated data lines are twisted. According to the different requirements of the transmission, different twisting distances can be developed to meet the requirements.