What can automotive wiring harnesses be used for?

Bundled with the whole vehicle wiring harness to produce parts connected to the power circuit. The entire industry chain of vehicle wiring harnesses includes cables and wires, radio frequency connectors, production equipment, vehicle wiring harness manufacturing and mid- and downstream application industry chains. 

The use of vehicle wiring harnesses is very common and can be used in cars, electrical products, electronic computers and communication equipment, At the level of various electronic devices, instrumentation and equipment, automobile wiring harnesses are connected to the entire car body, roughly in an H shape.

Car cable is also called bottom pressure cable, which is different from general home improvement wires. General home improvement wires are copper single-core cables with a certain strength. The car cables are all copper multi-core copper wires. Some copper wires are as thin as hair. Several or even dozens of soft copper core wires are encapsulated in a plastic insulating tube (polyethylene), which is soft and not easy to break.

Because of the uniqueness of the automobile manufacturing industry, the whole manufacturing process of the wiring harness is also more unique than other general vehicle wiring harnesses.

Manufacturing wiring harness management system is roughly divided into two categories:
1. Based on European country divisions, including my country: apply TS16949 management system to control the entire manufacturing process.
2. Dominated by Japan: For example, Toyota Motor and Guangzhou Honda have their own management systems to control the entire manufacturing process.

Along with the improvement of the role of cars, the widespread use of electronic device control systems, more and more electrical equipment, more and more cables, and the entire vehicle wiring harness becomes thicker and heavier. Therefore, excellent cars are equipped with CAN bus and use multi-channel transmission system software. Compared with traditional wiring harnesses for complete vehicles, multi-channel transmission equipment greatly reduces the number of transmission lines and associated software, making wiring easier.